Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Black Men - Claim Your Manhood Save Your Families!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you have been researching and learning more about your families. The new year has been a bounty for many of us. I know that you have found out some amazing things about your family. Some of these things are good and some are bad, some are big and some little. Some are funny and some are embarrassing. I also know that the pride you have felt about your family has grown. I also know that the pride of your whole family has grown and there has even been a change in some of your kids' attitudes. I hope that you have started to really see that the more you know about where you come from the more you can claim where you are. When you have a strong foundation it is easier to build and move into your future. A stronger family is in your future. A family strong enough to contribute to a strong community, to help build a strong nation! I know that you are starting to see how important it is to do these exercises with your family. You can start to see how important it is to your family's future. Go ahead, smile, you must be proud!

Up untill now I have been speaking to all that would listen. I would like everyone to stay on board whether man or woman, there is strength in us building our solutions together. With all due respect I would like to speak with more emphasis to our men. Our women must continue to participate for the obvious reason that if it were not for our women we would not have made it to today. It is past time, however, for our men to reclaim what has been taken and become what they haven't been for far too long. Men, it is time to start applying your new found knowledge to your life so that you can start to reclaim your rightful place. Your family's pride in you will begin to grow. To our women, please continue to use this series as a guide to raising your sons. I can only imagine how scary it must be to start raising real men again, instead of just teaching the lowly survival skills that we spoke of before.

Men, it is time to take up your responsibility and lead. Even if you are trying to lead, I challenge you to better yourself as a leader, father, and husband. Take some time out of your day to think about two things. One, what it is to be a Black man. Think about what a Black man has become through the ages compared to what he should be and why. Which Black man do you prefer? Second, what is true freedom? Explore every sense and meaning of the word. Do you really want true self determination? Do you really want the responsibility, not only for yourself but for everyone that you will become responsible for? Do you really want your manhood back? Think about it, do not play with this! You must be honest with yourself. Be man enough to step out of the way if you must. Let another man in your family take the responsibility, you can still help out. Again, you must be honest. It is bigger than you. It is bigger than me or any one man! The future of your family is at stake! Because we are all connected, our collective future is at stake! Don't mess it up for all of us, just come along for the ride. There are jobs enough to go around. Remember, we build a nation together.

The game plan of those that have oppressed us has always been brutally simple and right out in the open. It has been so simple and open that we didn't believe it. At least we didn't believe that it would work or could work as effectively as it has. Simply put; instill jealousy and mistrust into our relationships while the men and what it means to be a man is destroyed on every level. Jealousy and mistrust was done by denying us the truths about ourselves generation after generation. Truths are then replaced by lies that they needed us to believe in order to control us. Destroy the Man and you destroy the family. The Black man has become very dangerous to the oppressor. But not for the reasons you have been lead to believe. The reason Black men are so dangerous is that they build strong families. Not because they may one day commit justifiable homicide on the oppressor. The reason families are so dangerous to the oppressor is that strong families build strong communities, in this case, strong Black communities. A Nation is nothing but the sum of its communities. Strong Black communities would mean a strong Black nation! Wow, let's take a quick look at some of what a Strong Black Nation would mean to the oppressor and to Us! Economic Power! Political Power! Truthful respect of our collective Socio-economic Power. Even if the respect comes first through fear, a real respect of us as individuals. A Powerful Black Nation - real Black Power!!! This is what a strong Black man can do! Some of us remember how that power felt back when we were first discovered it in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's. Unfortunately, just as we were coming into our strength, a familiar set of divisive tools was deployed against us. The old tools of jealousy and mistrust were used along with the devil's pitchfork tool of drugs, specifically crack cocaine, flooding our community. We fell into the old traps and lost our communities, families, and men once again. It seems that we continually fail to teach the lessons to each new generation so they will be prepared to fight the fight and protect the progresses and gains that had been won by the Elders. We must commit as Black men to constantly teach so that the next generations will never be unprepared for the war that our people are in and have to repeat the same lessons of our history. Teach what you are learning to those around you, no matter who, but especially our children.

Your assignment is to teach others what you are learning about your family and its history. Learn more and teach more of our true Black History. Do not be afraid to point out the flat out lies and to speak the real truths. Remember that you are becoming a better and true man and that is what men do! Men do not need permission from anyone to lead themselves and their families to the truth. Be the leader! We will support and build each other up in this way. Next time we will start to use the strength of our past to draw the blueprints up for the future of your family. Be prepared to see your leadership skills grow. Show your manhood as those around you begin to turn their eyes toward you!

The Mr. RAA

Friday, November 17, 2006

Destroy Black Men - Destroy Black Families

Hello Everyone!

Let's get right into it, okay? I hope that you have been sharing this project with your and families and that they are excited about it! We were supposed to find out something about the Blacks in Africa and something about the Blacks in the Americas or Europe. Please post the things that you have found and your family's thoughts and experiences. Here is what I found!

Did you know that African Empires fought against European colonialism well into the 20Th century? One example of this was the Ashanti Tribe. They waged war with the British until the early 1900's. They lay down arms only when the Ashantihene (Sacred King) was taken by gun point by the British during a false peace meeting and imprisoned on the Isle of Gibraltar. The Queen Mother was against the peace negotiations from the beginning and attempted to organize rescues until they were of no use. The Ashantihene spent the rest of his life negotiating for his release. He was finally allowed to return home in time to die on his native soil in the 1930's. The Blacks in African fought for hundreds of years and still fight against the new colonialism today.

Did you know that after emancipation in the U. S. Blacks united to show their political strength. They immediately began electing Black to represent them in every office. They elected officials to city councils and state offices. They also elected officials to both houses of the United States Congress. They were elected from all over including a great many from the south. Districts were redrawn and laws were enacted in order to stop what was happening. It is only recently that we have more Blacks as elected officials than we did in the late 1800's.

As I remind you to share what you have found I would like to move on. I ask you to indulge me in this statement: The most destructive thing that was done to our people was the destruction of the Black Man! You may not agree but let me know your thoughts and opinions after this section. As I said, The most destructive thing that was done to our people was the destruction of the Black Man! When the Black Man was destroyed, so also was the Black Husband and Lover, the Black Father and Brother, the Black Provider and Protector (Warrior), the Black Builder and Worker, the Black Teacher and Role Model! When the Black Man was destroyed so went everything needed for strong Black Families, and strong Black Communities. Without the Black Man, the Black Women and Children are left with no choice but to adapt and do what ever they must in order to survive. By killing the Black Man the slave owner made us dependent on him for everything! The single most important reason for the plight of African Americans today is the destruction and continued break down of our families. All other reasons for our plight have root in this. The solutions to our problems will only come when we rebuild and strengthen our families. When our families are rebuilt, we will be able to rise up as a great nation and to hold our heads up as high as every other nation on God's good earth!

We must collectively commit to reversing to the effects that slavery has on us. I ask again, If you have not read the letters by William (Willie) Lynch circa 1712, stop here and do so! It is not a long text. He gives simple instruction on how to create a slave. He claimed that if done properly, the effects could last as long as three (3) hundred years! What do you think (The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave; Lushena Books)?

The destruction of Black men was complete. Our women and children were forced to watch as their most beautiful and most powerful men were taken from them and horribly beaten, mutilated, and killed. Those that survived were reduced to the role of children, or "boy". The only choice they had was death. Loving mothers began teaching their baby boys subjugation as a matter of survival. This taught our women and children that they could not depend on their Black Men. The Black Man could not protect or provide for the family any longer, in fact, he was the one that needed to be protected! At the same time, women were enduring a hell of their own. Women had to assume the role of the man while being raped and tortured at the whims and urges of the slave owner. She knew intuitively that her husband, man, could not protect her as her body became a toilet for the slave owner's release. Again, loving mothers taught their baby girls how to sexually satisfy quickly as a matter of survival.

The results of this was and is devastating. Black Men were rendered powerless and were/are no longer significant to the survival of his family. He was significant only for what he could produce in the matter of work and, of course, baby slaves. Familial roles and titles were changed and switch. Black women are just our "Momma"s, or my "Baby's Momma". Black Men call each other "my Nigga", my "Dog", or just "Baby"! Those that are in control of us are ominously called the "Man"! This has been solidified in each passing generation. We have also come to believe everything that this false head of family taught to us. One of the biggest lies that we believe about ourselves is that our history began at slavery. We must begin to educate ourselves about ourselves. This is how we reverse the effects of slavery. I hope that you can more clearly see the importance of sharing you family history and teaching it to your children.

In order to start rebuilding our families we must begin doing the things that we used to do and stop doing things that no other people in their right mind would do. We must use our God given common sense! Start thinking for yourself! Start defining the world in terms that are relevant and helpful to you! We must stop depending on other people for the definitions and truths about ourselves. We must believe in ourselves and in our own capabilities. We must stop being so afraid of failure AND SUCCESS that we never try either way! WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT ONLY GOD HAS OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART! There is a real fight for control over us, this is a real fight. No one that is in control will freely give up that control. Control must be taken! We must commit to the fight and to it's end. You must commit to the fight, the Struggle in every sense of the word. The end is real SELF-determination, real SELF-defined FREEDOM!!!

The next assignment is to identify the most successful and the most unsuccessful member of your family. Find out what made them what they are and why. Remember that only YOU can define success as it truly should be defined for YOU! Continue to educate yourself on your family and watch your family pride grow. You will continue to find concrete solutions for your family. You should also begin to educate yourself on our true history. Start with the year 2006, right now! We are doing great things now! Let us struggle and fight to build and rebuild our Black Families. Your Black Family! Start there! Build your family!

The Mr. RAA

Monday, October 30, 2006

Concrete Solutions - Continue Your Foundation

Hello All (Expecially those that have started this project);

Welcome back! It is time for installment 2 in the series of Concrete Solutions. Please direct everyone that you think can benifit (everyone) to read this series.
We left with the assignment of you starting a discussion with your immediate family about your family's history. I hope that you did so and would like to write in on the results of your experience. I was fortunate that family history has always been important to my family, even if more so on my Father's side. My Mother's side comes from the history of slavery. We were slaves in Kentucky. We became sharecroppers when slavery was abolished and still hold some land in the same area. My Grandmother's Grandmother had children with a white man. My Grandmother is reluctant to go into details so I do not know the full circumstances of that relationship. My Grandmother was and still is, at 90, very proud of being able to "Pass". Ask an Elder if you don't know what that is. Grandma very typically married a very darkskinned Black Man and became an atypical Black housewife that did not work outside the home. She is very bourgeousie. In Kansas City, my Grandfather worked very hard to support his two daughters and to please his trophy wife. A white friend of my Granddad "fronted" for him so that they could buy a home in the then white part of town. He taught several trades and history in highschool and owned his own business making leather goods. His hand made shoes and pocketbooks were sought after by Blacks and whites from all over Missouri and Kansas. My Mother married an African Man and moved to the other side of the earth from her parents. They met in college. My Father is Ashanti from Ghana. He was part of a program to educate and create an elite corp to run the country when whites ran home (England) when Ghana gained independence. He was educated in the U.S. and went back home to help Ghana grow. My parents had three boys. More on thier life in later installments. This is just a part of my Family's histoy.
As I have said, our collective history is scattered and poorly documented, poorly taught and shared. that is except for the misery. We must document and teach our history right down to the individual family level. Families build communities and communities build nations! This is why strong Black Families are so dangerous to the oppressor. We need more than mere dates and names memorized once per year. We need to remember the real people and the context of their situations. We need to remember the significations od the events and the true meanings of historical moments. Our Families are made of real people that give us meaning and pride. They give us and our children (very important) reasons to be proud and hold high the Family name. They give us a real reason to be and do better, generation after generation.
Let's break down the history of our Families here in America. We all know the story but let's break it down. Break it down like the infamous slave owner Willie (William) Lynch did in 1712 (very important that you look him up). He boldly claimed that if you destroy the African's and the slave's Family you would be able to control them for about three hundred years. You do the math! The methods were simple then and are simple now. Horrible but simple and effective. One example is that Africans from the same tribe were separated and mixed with Africans from other tribes. They were different and unfamiliar and could not communicate with eachother. This diminished the strength that comes from Family. The African did learn that they had to put differences aside and woork together for real survival. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. We should rediscover that for today's world. Once in the Americas' We were separated and mixed up again and again and again. This was meant to keep us from forming permanent bonds and establishing roots, Families. This is encouraged today to the point that we do it on our own, to ourselves. We have learned to let oour differences keep us scared of eachother, blame eachother, and hurt eachother in unimaginable ways. Our jealousy and mistrust of eachother allows other to exploit and control us. We have been taught to hate ourselves and strive to be something we are not. There is Dark skin verse Light skin, and what is "good" hair? My Grandma is a good example of this. It is laughable on the surface but deep enough to take up valueable energy and resources that should be at work strengthening our people. Our weakness has made us dependent on our oppressors. We are still dependent on the slave owner for every thing!
Your next assignment is to find out something new (for you) and truthful about Africa and also about Blacks in America (or Europe). That is two new and truthful Black history peices. Find out if something that you were taught about us is true or false. Start building your second Concrete Solution by educating yourself and Family about us and our real history. In the next installment we will discuss more ways our Families were destroyed and our dependence on the oppressor, the reasons and solutions. I hope that you keep up with this. You can watch the pride and strength grow in your Children and Family as you begin to really see who you are. If you make a sincere and real effort you will see the growth, I promise! We are on our way to building strong Families, strong Communities, and a Great Movement! Let's build a Great Nation!!!

The Mr. RAA